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Wilkins Kennedy

Member since: Sep 2012

01702 348646Email

Services provided: Accountants & Auditors, WoGA return assistance, AAR assurance, Systems consultation, Business support

Wilkins Kennedy Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers ...

5.00 stars
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Member since: Oct 2015

0203 598 7350Email

Services provided: Cloud Accounting Software, Document Management System, Group Consolidation Software, Business Intelligence and Management Reporting

Cloud Accounting Software...

4.75 stars
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Kreston Reeves LLP

Member since: Jan 2014

+44 (0)330 124 1399Email

Services provided: External Audit & Auditors, Accountants, Internal Audit & Auditors, Academy conversion support, Payroll services, HR consultancy, Academy Accounts Return (AAR) assurance, Business support, VAT advice, Teachers' Pensions audit (EOYC/TR17a)

Accountants & Auditors for Academies in London, Kent & South East...

4.00 stars
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Baker Tilly LLP

Member since: Nov 2012

020 3201 8000Email

Services provided: Accountants

Baker Tilly is an independent firm of chartered accountants and business advisers. ...

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Schools’ Choice

Member since: Sep 2014

0300 123 420Email

Services provided: Learning and Improvement, Childrens Services, Governor Services, Human Resources, Finance, ICT, Property & Maintenance

From the back office to the classroom, Schools' Choice teams work in partnership with Schools and Academies to ensure the support services we provide meet their needs so teachers...

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Education Finance Solutions (EduFin)

Member since: Jul 2017


Services provided: Consultancy, HelpDesk , Finance and Software Training , Absence and Vacancy Cover , Focus XL

Providing financial support, software and solutions to a variety of Academies and Multi-Academy...

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Scrutton Bland

01206 838400Email

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