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Member since: Mar 2016 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Online Recruitment, Recruitment System, ATS

Regions: UK wide

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About: networx are a leading provider of recruitment solutions supporting academies, schools and colleges across the UK to fill vacancies and recruit time and cost efficient manner.

Our highly flexible recruitment technology, apoint, can be configured to support any organisation regardless of size, resource or recruitment process.

Our unrivalled Candidate Attraction and Candidate Management Service offers a cost effective alternative to traditional agencies that secures top talent and helps fill vacancies across all levels and disciplines.

The ability to combine the powerful tools of the apoint technology with the support services of the highly successful attraction and management services allow networx to deliver bespoke solutions to each and every organisation.

What can networx do for you?

1. Reduce your recruitment costs by up to 50%
2. Gain greater exposure of your vacancies
3. Reach top talent via mobile and social recruiting
4. Deliver a first class candidate experience
5. Improve the efficiency of your selection methods
6. Reduce your interview costs
7. Speed up your time to hire

Contact us to find out more.

01943 467766
The Engine House, Wharfebank Business Centre, Ilkley Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3JP


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