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Versa - Optimised Dining Furniture

Member since: Nov 2017 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Education furniture, Dining furniture

Regions: UK wide

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About: Versa is home to the World's most space-efficient folding dining tables. Do you struggle for space in your multi-use hall? Our Benchmark tables store in 44% less space than standard folding dining furniture and our Wall Pocket tables store in a pocket mounted on - or in - the wall! Our products are perfect for multi-use school halls, where the hall is used for more than one activity during the day. Taking up less space around the edge of the room, our products also set up in a fraction of the time of standard dining furniture. One person can set up seating for 240 students in under 8 minutes with our revolutionary Wall Pocket tables!

Would you like a FREE demonstration of our products in your school? Simply give our friendly team a call on 0330 030 0330 to arrange your no-obligation demo.

0330 030 0330
Cranmere House, Darklake View, Plymouth, PL6 7TW


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“The Benchmark tables have transformed our dining hall completely, the caretakers love it, they don't have to move the chairs around as much. The actual lunchtime behaviour has improved. We're able to get the children in and out of the hall much slicker, it's made the hall quieter as well because the chairs aren't moving backward and forwards. It's very cost effective, I'd recommend them to any school. They don't jam your fingers, they're not heavy, they're easy to store, they're brilliant. ”

Paul Appleton, Headteacher, Cherry Tree Primary School

“TheBenchmark tables  are a fantastic product.  We purchased 6 just over 12 months ago.  They take up less storage space, they are easy to clean, extremely quick to set up and fold away (just a little over 5 minutes for 6 tables, this used to take 20 minutes!).  Product quality is excellent. I would recommend this product without hesitation. ”

Karen Horsfield , Business Manager, Booth Wood Primary School

  • The Wall Pocket tables stored neatly in their pockets.
  • The Wall Pocket system ready for lunch!
  • Port Red Benchmark tables demonstrate just one of a wide variety of colours and finishes these tables are available in!
  • The Benchmark table with the Wall Pocket system in the background. The Benchmark table is essentially a mobile version of the Wall Pocket.