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““Since having the Orca installed, we no longer have an issue with pests around the food bins and no longer have to clean the inside of the food bins either. The smell around this area has definitely improved! Pupils also like the fact that, by using the machine, we have reduced our waste collections, which leads to a contribution to reduce the schools carbon footprint. By filling the plastic boxes in front of the children, they are beginning to have an awareness of the amount of food waste we have at the school.Before Covid-19, we were going to use our monthly data to hold food waste awareness days.””

Wendy Pope, Facility Manager, Brentwood School

““We’re definitely committed to becoming more environmentally friendly and have made positive strides towards this, which is why we chose to partner with iugis - helping us to take another step towards meeting this goal by better managing our food waste. “Since the partnership began earlier this year, the ORCA food waste digesters have enabled us to become much more efficient and sustainable when managing our food waste on site, particularly on matchdays - this is just the start of what we hope to achieve through our work with iugis.””


“"Our custom reporting on the iugis portal shows the environmental impact that the ORCA has helped us to achieve. We have significantly reduced harmful emissions associated with food waste and the increased operational efficiencies while dealing with waste has helped staff fully engage with the technology.””

, The Langham, London