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Services: Innovative Creative Writing Resources, Essential Classroom Tools, Improving Vocabulary for All Ages, Growing Students' Confidence in Literacy, Supporting Mental Health and Communication

Regions: UK wide

About: The LinkyThinks ideology is simply that there are always links that can be drawn to make learning easier, more enjoyable and more efficient. Whether in connections between people or ideas, even those who feel bored or disillusioned with education can be engaged through interdisciplinary thinking.

LinkyThinks Products Include...

The Elementary Word Wheel Book (6-9 Years):
Suitable for children across a range of levels and goals (roughly ages 6-9 years). Whether looking towards SATs or entrance exams in the future, or just enriching creative and descriptive skills, LinkyThinks Word Wheels are a treasure trove of words and phrases.

Every book contains 10 wheels: verbs 1, verbs 2, adjectives, feelings, five senses, onomatopoeia (sounds), animals, places, seasons, and colours . Includes a FREE user guide, for tips, activities and ideas.

Advanced Word Wheel Book (9-13 Years):
With wide-ranging vocabulary, the ‘advanced’ edition is suitable for children working towards SATS, 11+, 13+ exams, or simply for enriching literacy and writing style.

Every book contains 10 wheels: verbs, adjectives, openers, emotions, senses, animals, nature, seasons and weather, colours and formal phrases. Includes a FREE user guide, for tips, activities and ideas.

PRO Word Wheel Book (For Teens and Adults):
A handy reference tool for writing academic essays, building high-level vocabulary, writing letters, speeches, articles, applications and answering exam questions with style. Suitable for teenagers and adults, from 13+, GCSE and A-level preparation, through to university and even for professional articulacy in the world of work.

Every book contains 10 wheels: Openers, Formal Essay Phrases, Verbs, Adjectives, Emotions and Attitudes, Academic Essay Phrasing, Science Answer Styles, Email Phrases, Literary Devices and Effects, CV and Job Applications

'How Do I Feel?' Wheel (Mental Health & Emotional Literacy):
An interactive learning tool, helping children to process and communicate difficult feelings, using words and images.

Emotional literacy and self-awareness play an important role in supporting mental health. For children, both at home and at school, experiencing feelings for the first time can be confusing and difficult to explain.

A double-sided, foldable board (full size: 35 x 35cm), for table-top activities or wall display, with moving dials to help children pinpoint words and images that reflect their inner thoughts and outer behaviours. Comes with a user guide, for healthy, communicative activities at home and in the classroom. For ages 6-12 years.

Descriptionary - 'Humanoids' (9-13 Years):
The fun, illustrated, interactive guide to describing characters and building quality stories. Appropriate for exam preparation as well as nurturing a love of writing.

Character profiles with hundreds of verbs, adjectives, similes and metaphors
Illustrated guides to detailed description
Funny and descriptive short stories
An in-built dictionary for maximum vocabulary expansion
80 unique story titles to inspire a child’s writing
Tips on balancing description, action and dialogue
Guides on describing body language and emotion

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“"[The LinkyThinks Descriptionary book is] a brilliant, inspiring idea, beautifully realised to encourage kids to create their own masterpieces! Alexander may have inspired the next J.K. Rowling!””

Matt Lucas, Character Actor, Comedy Writer and TV Personality,

“"An incredible mixture of fun and clever learning as well as being gross, inspiring, cheerful and beautifully designed. My son has always been keen to write and express himself but both of us have lacked confidence in approaching it. [The Descriptionary book] is a wonderful solution. I highly recommend it for kids - or anyone really - who want to encounter language in a different and exciting way.””

Dr Xand van Tulleken, Doctor and TV Presenter, CBBC’s ‘Operation Ouch’

  • LIMITED EDITION: Surprise Storytelling Parcel
  • LIMITED EDITION: Surprise Storytelling Parcel Poster
  • 'How Do I Feel?' Wheel Side A: Contains a range of subtle emotions, split into four broader categories: Happy, Sad, Angry & Scared
  • 'How Do I Feel?' Wheel Side B: Has an inner & outer circle. Inner circle is for inside feelings; Outer circle is for appearance / behaviours
  • Elementary & Advanced Word Wheel Book Front Covers
  • 'Openers' Wheel - Advanced Word Wheel Book
  • 'Adjectives' Wheel - Elementary Word Wheel Book
  • PRO Word Wheel Book Front Cover
  • 'How Do I Feel?' Wheel In Use
  • Descriptionary - 'Humanoids' In Use