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Safe Data Storage

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Services: Cloud Backup, Online Backup, Bare Metal Backup, Image Backup, Backup

Regions: UK wide

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About: We are more than just a faceless, cloud data storage warehouse...

Cloud services are increasing in popularity but many Schools are still unsure about the security of such services due to the fact that most of the larger service providers use the public cloud (amazon, Google etc) and, apart from relying in most cases on email contact only, the provider rarely knows exactly where their clients data is actually stored.

What all Schools want to know is that their data is safe, fully encrypted at all times, stored in the UK and not abroad, and that if necessary can be accessed directly and not simply by Internet connections.

Because of these doubts most Schools are, when they understand the Cloud a little better, seeking service providers that operate a private cloud.

Our clients are finding that we offer so much more in terms of customer service than the larger "data dump" storage providers. You have taken the decision to outsource your daily backups and entrust a company with your most valuable asset so isn't it better that your critical data is stored by a company that provides a managed service in a private cloud fully owned and maintained by our own staff !

We are an entirely UK operation from the storing of your encrypted data in UK data centres through to the technical support based in Kent.

0844 406 8094
Eastern House, Clarence Court, Rushmore Hill, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7LZ


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5.00 stars
5 stars

“Great tech support and well worth the money.”

Simon Savyell, Network Manager, The John Fisher School

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