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Member since: Jul 2020 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Lettings Platform, Facility Hire, Bookng Platform for Lettings, Venue Hire, School Hire, Lettings System, Facility Hire System

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: South West Essex Community Education Trust, Essex

About: SchoolHire is the market-leading school lettings booking platform supplier, allowing schools to continue to manage lettings in-house, yet increase revenue (over 40,000 people access our site to search for school facilities monthly) whilst making efficiency savings. The system allows both existing and potential customers to see information about the school’s facilities, such as pricing, opening hours and features, as well as live availability. Users send through booking requests directly to the school, having gone through the process of uploading required documentation, answering any questions set by the school and then agreeing to the school’s terms and conditions/policies.

The school can then either accept, reject or modify the booking. This is key, as it means that you still retain control as to who is using your facilities. If accepted, payment will automatically be taken and an invoice generated. All further fund flows, such as refunds, are done through the system at the click of a button. At the end of the month we send through one lump sum payment along with a monthly remittance report, which includes a journal for Finance to input straight into their financial package.

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5.00 stars
5 stars

“Since SchoolHire joined us as our lettings partner, our lettings income has increased and our lettees have found the experience of booking, any paying so simple and quick. SchoolHire has literally transformed our relationships with our hirers. Thank you!”

Peter Melville, Chief Operating Officer, South West Essex Community Education Trust

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“We are delighted to be working with SchoolHire. From our first contact, the company has bent over backwards in order to ensure our needs have been met and that we are receiving the highest customer treatment. We would be more than happy to recommend SchoolHire to other venues. At first we thought it too good to be true, but we are happy to report it really is an excellent, cost effective and professional service that we are proud to share with our customers.”

Corinne Breingan, Lettings Manager , Fairfield High School (Bristol)

“We cannot recommend SchoolHire strongly enough. SchoolHire has revolutionised our lettings provision at every level. We can now offer our customers an effective, professional services that is easy and straightforward to use, both for customers and staff. Never again will your finance team have to chase unpaid lettings debts!”

Sam Jadeja, Director of Finance and Business , Swindon Academy (Swindon)

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