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TASC Software Solutions Ltd

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Services: Helpdesk: available by phone, email and online, Remote desktop over the web for support/maintenanc, Support website- access upgrades, license info, , Onsite training, Wiki: user/technical info, FAQs, training guides, Online training, Configuration: onsite, by phone and remote desktop

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Chew Valley School, Bristol

About: The all in one solution for schools, PARS Connect is a web-based software solution to simplify the management of pupil information across the whole school through providing an electronic method to take registers and record, edit, analyse, track and report on pupil data in the various areas of: attendance, behaviour, assessments, grading, extra classes, detentions, homework and notices. PARS Connect also provides contact management for internal and external communications via text and email to staff and parents including reports and contact history. PARS Connect is also compatible with Biometric technologies and works on mobile devices.

The parental engagement solution, INSIGHT Software links with SIMS mis and helps schools to connect staff, parents and pupils together with them having the ability to login to the portal, thus increasing communication. Parents become more involved in their child’s education by logging in to view their data securely online and in real-time, including: weekly timetable, attendance for today, attendance summary, lesson summary, positive/negative behaviour, exclusions, detentions set, assessments, examinations, exam results, Key Stage results, exam timetable, subject reports, homework set, school notices, school information, Forums, events, photo gallery and much more. Parents can also report absences, book parents evenings appointments for themselves, select GCSE options online, contact staff regarding issues and concerns. Staff can login to set homework, view pupil data, access SIMS Marksheets and enter grades and more. Pupils can also login to view their progress and upload evidence of homework completed. INSIGHT works on mobile devices. Schools have the ability to control what data is to be shared with parents. Optional add-ons include: Parents’ evening booking system, Pupil Login, Surveys, Options Offer, Language translator, API, Marksheets. Also integrates with other systems, VLE, school website, Learning Platform, Sharepoint, Moodle.

With TARGET Software schools can identify trends, patterns and problems in pupil attendance. Attendance target setting helps monitor and improve attendance at all levels.
A similar solution is ADA Software for LAs.

NEW: SMYLE formative assessment, student voice, observation, feedback, personalised learning, monitoring teaching and learning. Provides evidence for Ofsted and performance management.

TASC Software products are very user friendly, intuitive and provide staff with functionality to help make their roles of managing data easier, quick easy access to information they need with powerful reporting and analysis thus saving them time as well as helping increase pupil progress and school improvement.

01902 824281
Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 9TG

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