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“"Future First is one of the most powerful programmes I’ve seen around careers. You only had to look around the room and all the students were hanging on every word they heard. It helps them realise that there are opportunities out there in the big wide world, which are very attainable. It makes them believe that they can do it."”

Jay Lockwood, Asst Head of Sixth Form, Feltham Community College

“"Working with Future First has really benefitted the school, simply because our alumni know to relate to our students. By saying this was my registration room and this is where I was taught, strikes a chord with our students especially when they listen to the important role the school played in getting them to where they are now. It doesn’t stop here and many of our alumni are extremely keen to give something back to the school that served them so well. There is a common ground between current and ex-students and this is what we are building on to continually raise the aspirations of our students and this wouldn’t have been possible without Future First."”

Mike Neal, Southborough High

“"In all my four years working here, this is best thing I’ve seen someone come in and do. All those things we spend ages telling you [the students] to do, and the alumni and [Future First facilitator] have just said it better than we ever could in an hour-long assembly."”

Nicholas Mort, Head of Sixth Form, President Kennedy School

“"I didn’t have a role model when I was at school so I had to make decisions by myself. Looking back, I had no idea that I’d be able to make it to where I am today. Being able to share my experience and impart my advice to current students is amazing."”

Mohammed Awal, Future First Alumni Volunteer,

“"Programmes like Future First make a massive difference. If you’re in your last year or two of school, the world seems a pretty foreboding place. It really helps youngsters at a crucial moment in their life to decide for themselves what they want to do next."”

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister,