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Services: Cloud Accounting Software, Document Management System, Group Consolidation Software, Business Intelligence and Management Reporting

Regions: UK wide

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About: AccountsIQ is a Cloud Accounting Software solution suitable for schools, academies and Multi Academy Trusts. Including hosting and security with a complete document management system we will help you save on upfront capital and ongoing maintenance costs.

Launched in 2008 after 80+ man-years of development and receiving ICAEW accreditation it is built using a Microsoft Platform and using an SQL database architecture (meaning that each company has its own database - truly unique to accountsIQ).

We currently have 12,000+ users operating in 42 countries using 33 base currencies and 25 tax reporting regimes. With servers hosted in the US, UK and Australia meaning you can have data stored locally to your business activities. Our clients tend to have revenues in the range of £0.25m to £500m+.

The modular system allows you to build an accounts package that suits your requirements and only pay for what you currently need. The ability to add entities and functionality as you grow, and the individual SQL database for each entity (meaning it can easily handle large amounts of data and transaction volumes), means that the product is scalable for fast growing groups.

The system can also be integrated with other systems such as SalesForce CRM, iSAMS school administration system and EARNIE payroll.

Our personal touch also means that the product is developed around our clients requirements and needs. Regular feedback from our existing client base leads to our product development roadmap being built for you. We can also offer consultancy days to build company specific functionality, reports or KPI's

0203 598 7350
The Stanley Buiding, 7 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG


ICAEW • G Cloud Accredited • ICO Accredited • CIPFA Accredited • Microsoft Certified Partner

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4.75 stars
4.75 stars

“We use accountsIQ for an international group of schools and have it fully integrated with iSAMS. It works perfectly and allows us to track results in real time and consolidate accounts instantly and without any work. The user profiling means all levels of the group employees can use the system without issues. This is a great system for schools – especially alongside iSAMS.”

Peter McKeown, IT Support, The Phoenix School Cambridge

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“Having set-up a new operation in Africa, we needed to implement a solution quickly to start trading. We initially looked at buying an on-premise accounting package and the required servers and infrastructure but had little access to local IT support. Luckily accountsIQ was recommended to us and we were able to implement a full solution within 4 weeks at a fraction of the cost of installing an on-premise solution.”

Kevin Ruane, CFO, Aga Trading

“We are impressed with the reporting capabilities of accountsIQ, and with the support we got from the accountsIQ team in implementing the new system. A cloud solution makes so much sense for a multi-location business like ours. We now have a strong foundation on which to manage and grow our operations and develop our franchise model, while maintaining tight control.”

Barry Kehoe, CFO, Insomnia