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Showcase Performance Company

Member since: Aug 2014 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Drumming Workshops, Vocal Workshops, Musical Adventure Workshop Days - Whole School, Music Tech Mix Workshops (year 6), Instrumental Lessons, Staff Team Bulding Workshops - Drumming (insets), Much more - just ask...

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Fairisle Junior School, Southampton

About: With the most dynamic and innovative approach to music education, Showcase Performance Company offer a wide range of opportunities for young people to get involved in. We offer a huge list of workshops for schools around the UK that prove unforgettable for all participants. Our highly popular Drumming Academy in Southampton alone has inspired over 2000 young people to take part each week across 30+ schools. With this in mind, we offer whole day workshops of this nature for schools to offer their pupils a refreshing and energetic thrill. We also provide whole year projects and workshops for vocals, instrumental and our highly successful Musical Adventure Days. Check out our website for more info and get in touch. You may also visit our media pages to see all the crazy antics and performance opportunities we offer!

Floor 2, Dukes Keep, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3EX

No ratings yet

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