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Swanneck Ltd Left hand Logic Pens

Member since: Oct 2013 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: left handed products

Regions: UK wide

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About: Swanneck Ltd is a London based company that has designed the solution to writing Left handed
The “swanneck” logic pen brings a logical solution to the worlds writing needs whatever language you write, ‘left to right’ as in English, ‘right to left’ as in Arabic text, ‘top to bottom’ like Chinese and Japanese. Left-handed or right handed.
The writer is able to clearly see what they are writing without obscuring their written text or Letters – especially beneficial when a child is learning to write.
The” Swanneck” Pens represent a revolution in ballpoint pen design thats not only ergonomic, it looks great too
All models in the “Swanneck” Pen” range features a unique, S-bend neck and grip area. The writer can to hold the pen comfortably at a balanced angle and easily view all letters and words as they are written.

44 1454325873
151 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NT

No ratings yet

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