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Member since: Dec 2016 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Teaching resources for tutor time/PSHE/Cz, Clear evidence of hard to reach curriculum areas , A package to meet everyone's needs, Weekly easy to use resources, We cover all SMSC based events for schools, Advanced resources support: Foundational skills, Inspire pupil voice

Regions: UK wide

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About: VotesforSchools provides weekly curriculum content for SMSC (including British values), Prevent, Pupil Voice and supports PSHE and Citizenship teaching. This allows pupils to explore and debate current affairs in assembly, tutor time or within their PSHE/Citizenship lesson.

The VotePack contains carefully researched material including the latest facts and figures about that week’s VoteTopic and videos from accredited sources. A clear lesson plan guarantees consistent, quality delivery of the material, and leads to a lively debate, followed by an informed vote.

We give clear feedback on what areas of the curriculum are covered. The VoteData demonstrates Pupil Voice through participation in democratic practice and informed debate. Schools are sent the anonymised results, empowering teachers with the evidence to demonstrate pupil engagement and participation.

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33 Lowndes Street, London, London, SW1X

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