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About our national register of education suppliers

Who we are:

Incensu is led by Peter Melville, a School Business Director of an outstanding Academy in Essex.  Peter has significant experience of working in the public sector including education and sport, both in schools and in local authorities.  The Incensu team consists of marketing and school business management specialists.  Incensu is well supported and in return we have our official charities.

Why created?

Incensu was created out of need.  School Business Managers (SBMs) did not have a nationwide, shared list of trusted and tested companies they could turn to until Incensu was established.  Most schools have a list of good and trusted suppliers.  Incensu provides schools with an interactive 'one stop shop' for SBMs to enable them to achieve value for money with the confidence of working with trusted companies, those who are introduced to the register by their peers.

How to take part:

There are lots of ways you can benefit from Incensu.  Here are four:

  1. FREE access to 'The Register' - further information accessible once logged in
  2. Join - access additional benefits in the secure members' zone
  3. Schools can review and recommend companies
  4. Share through twitter and facebook

If you ever have a question about Incensu and how it can help you, contact the team.



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