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Incensu benefits


Maximise your business presence in the education sector

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Incensu benefits


Advertise to academies with greater control of their budget

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Incensu benefits


Targeted marketing of Heads and School Business Leaders

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Incensu benefits


A great time to boost your revenue in the education sector

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Reach - Maximise your business presence in the education sector

Incensu benefits

Let Incensu help you reach new customers

Incensu really understands the UK education sector. We are experts in helping suppliers reach new customers in primary, secondary, independent and special schools, nurseries, colleges and universities. Marketing correctly to such a large number of education sector institutions can result in a huge boost in revenue for Incensu members.

As leaders in the fields of both school procurement and education marketing Incensu is perfectly positioned to help suppliers widen their reach via:

  • The National Register of Education Suppliers
  • Extensive education networks
  • Strong strategic partnerships with leading education organisations, exhibitions and publications
  • Extensive databases of schools, academies and other education institutions
  • Targeted email and social media campaigns

Incensu is a service built by the School Business Leader profession. It is the register at the centre of School Business Leadership ensuring your company profile is getting seen by the right financial decision makers in the education sector.

Join Incensu today to widen your reach across the education sector.

Academies - Advertise to academies who have greater control over their budget

Incensu benefits

Academies want to share best practice in school procurement

Academies are publicly funded schools which operate outside local authority control. Figures published by the Department for Education (DfE) reveal as of 1 January 2018 there are 6,996 academies open in England and Wales, with a further 1,218 in the pipeline.

Academies are funded directly from central government. This gives them much greater control over their budgets to best benefit their students therefore opening up even greater opportunities for suppliers.

Collaboration is a key word for academies. They have to ensure they share expertise with other schools and the wider community. The DfE expect all academies to work with other schools to raise standards. Incensu supports schools in being able to share best practice in terms of getting best value for money and quality of products and services by sharing their experiences of companies working with them. Successful education suppliers are those transparent and open to ratings and reviews from schools helping schools to easily justify their procurement decisions to stakeholders.

Join Incensu today to market your business to more academies.

Targeted - Targeted marketing of Headteachers and School Business Leaders

Incensu benefits

Headteachers and School Business Leaders hold the purse strings for large school budgets

Headteachers and School Business Leaders hold the purse strings for large school budgets. Incensu recognises it is essential that marketing is targeted specifically at the people responsible for making financial decisions on spending whilst appreciating the additional role of middle leader influencers. 

Incensu's marketing campaigns are specifically targeted at supporting Headteachers and School Business Leaders in the procurement of products and services. Ongoing consultation with Senior Leaders in schools features highly for Incensu to ensure we are providing the level of service they demand supported by the online tools they need to make intelligent procurement decisions. 

As busy professionals recommendations on suppliers with the right experience of working with schools is essential, saving them the time and energy it takes to find and check companies out for themselves. Finding a company who already has a good reputation of work with other schools is highly advantageous when justifying financial decisions to school governors and trustees.

Join Incensu today to target Headteachers and School Business Leaders.

Growth - A great time to boost your revenue in the education sector

Incensu benefits

UK Education Budget £86bn in 2018

There has never been a better time to grow your business in the education sector. Government spending on Education has risen by £7.3bn over the past decade to £86bn in 2018. While much controversy surrounds the adequacy of the education budget and whether some schools benefit more than others the fact remains that this funding is in the sector to be spent this year. 

There remains fierce competition for companies to get their products and services into schools so if you are going to grow your business further in the education sector you need to stand out above the competition. The good news is that there are very effective ways of doing this if you are a reputable company with a good understanding of the changes to modern school procurement. There is nothing better than a recommendation to grow your business and this needs to be where your marketing efforts are concentrated. Incensu provide the optimum marketing opportunity to do this with the platform of choice for schools to rate and review suppliers. 

In the current economic climate you need every penny your company spends on marketing to the education sector to be working harder for you. It is now not good enough for companies to purely be listed in a directory of companies willing to advertise to schools. School Leaders want to know which of these companies come recommended by their counterparts in other schools, whether they represent good value for money; is the quality of their product; service or workmanship of high quality and how reliable they are for working within the constraints of an educational setting. It is these recommendations that will help grow your business in the education sector enabling you to tap into the UK education budget. 

Join Incensu to grow your business in the education sector.