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Safesmart Limited

Member since: Apr 2016

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Services provided: Smartlog - H & S Management & Training software, Fire Safety Risk Assessment Services , Fire Safety & Health and Safety Audits, Health and Safety Advisory Services, Self monitoring Risk Assessment Software, Health and Safety Risk assessment services, Asset Management Software, Full Accident reporting software, Fire Safety Training, Fire Warden Training

Safesmart provides Health and Safety risk and compliance management consultancy and software and fire safety engineering services. ...

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Euro Environmental Ltd

Member since: Nov 2012

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Services provided: Health & Safety, Asbestos Management, Water Safety, Air Quality

Euro Environmental Ltd was established in 1999 to meet with the growing demands for quality inspections, analysis and consultancy in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety....

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Member since:

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Services provided: Air Purifiers, Air Quality Checks and Consultations

Protect your staff and students, and improve cognitive functions with MedicAir's air purification...

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