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A1 Security Print

Member since: Dec 2020 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Cheques, Business Forms , Parking Permits, Certificates & Examination Papers, Reporting & Validation Software, Government Documents , Gift Vouchers, Barcode Printing

Regions: UK wide, England

About: A1 Security Print is one of the leading manufacturers of both security print documents and integrated forms in the UK. We are part of the MCAARP Group of Companies, which includes Integrity Print. The group employs over 400 people with a combined turnover of more than £50 Million. Our rich print heritage stretches back more than 80 years, when print production commenced at our Camp Lane factory in Birmingham during the 1930s. Our commitment to quality, reliability and exceeding expectations has remained unparalleled since, helping to establish our reputation worldwide as one of the leading security printers for the production and management of your secure documents

A1 produce all manner of security print documents that require different levels of protection against fraud, tampering and counterfeiting. Our website product pages provide details on several of the most popular security print documents that we manufacture, but we produce an extensive variety of other security documents that use the same security techniques.

A1 have been printing cheques for over 40 years and provide a secure cheque printing service for both the UK and overseas markets. We are an accredited C&CCC cheque printer, and were amongst the first security printers to be accredited for cheque printing by C&CCC (formerly APACS), a standard set up with the aim of tackling fraud involving company cheques, by ensuring that all cheques for use in the UK clearing system are produced by accredited cheque printers, who have adopted stringent security standards.

A1 Security Print , Camp Lane Handsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, B21 8JB

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