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All Utilities Ltd T/A DCS STORE

Member since: Dec 2020 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Polymer Covid Safety Screens supply, Private Covid Testing, Pure Air Plus soon to be announced on BBC TV , Collective utility purchasing

Regions: England

About: DCS Store was set up as a new retail arm of All Utilities Ltd. All Utilities are a commercial online utilty broker trading as British Utilities. We specialise in collective energy procurement.

DCSStore aims to assist all types of businesses and schools to identify and put in place effective covid protection products. As authorised distributors for the manufacturer we supply polymer covid protection screens and also private covid testing kits.
New products and releases emerging onto the market will also shortly be added to keep you abreast of rapidly changing technical developments.

Polymer screens

These are new to the market. Unlike acrylic or perspex they are 100% recylable and also less expensive. They need no screws or clamps to install and will cause no damage to surfaces. A teacher or even a child can assemble the product in just a few minutes. The screen can not be accidentally knocked over as it incorpartes a strong 30kg pull magnet to hold the posts in place.
Please visit our website showing a typical installation process video.
Any type of screen design and dimension can be catered for.

Private covid testing

This is an added precaution where for instance a member of staff may be returning to work after lockdown and the school or business wishes to ensure that this will carry no further active risk . Our partners Blue Horizon Medical utilise a technique which targets two different genes which substatially reduces the risk of false positves and also a human control marker that ensures a sufficient quantity of genetic material has been collected.

Collective Utility Purchasing

We administer a copy of the original Department of Energy and Climate change funded pilot schemes introduced by the David Cameron government back in 2012. Although government funding was subsequently withdrawn it was so succesfull we consider it a great way to effortlessly obtain the lowest possible utility rates

1st and 2nd Floor, , 4A Crescent East, Thornton-Cleveleys, FY5 3LJ

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