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Services: Educational qualifications , Educational support, Professional development

Regions: England

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About: We are a leading provider of qualifications, support and development services for teachers and students, enabling them to realise their potential. An independent education charity, we create resources and offer services that meet the day to day needs of teachers, helping them deliver inspiring lessons and great learning.

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4.75 stars
4.75 stars

“Our National Teaching School has hosted a number of AQA courses. All have been of the highest quality and feedback has been excellent.”

TIM MILLS, Deputy Headteacher, Latchmere School

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“The session was very well organised. There was a good balance between teacher delivery and activities, making it quite engaging. We were offered several good ideas that we could take away and use in the classroom straight away and had an opportunity to hear about the requirements from AQA. I was able to discuss ideas with other teachers as I’d hoped – and both the venue and the provided lunch were excellent.”

Rebecca Franks, , The Kingswinford School, Dudley

“The course at UEA gave me a massive boost; I have a much better understanding. I can see the distinct differences between English and Creative Writing - and how they complement each other. I am more confident in being myself and sharing my specialist subject, not so guarded or afraid. Best of all, I am tremendously excited in my teaching - and to see all those opportunities ahead and a much clearer path to point at when a timid youngster says: 'I'd like to be a writer.' ”

Alison Stewart, , Northampton College