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Services: School Improvement, Performance Management, Strategic Planning, School Development Planning, School Self-Evaluation, Monitoring and Observations, Staff Appraisal, Professional Standards, Professional Development, Multi-Academy Trusts

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Southfield School, Kettering

About: SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisals in schools.

✔ Improve Standards
✔ Develop Staff
✔ Reduce Costs
✔ Decrease Workloads

Our web-based school improvement tool facilitates strategic planning by integrating:

• School Development Planning
• School Self-Evaluation
• Monitoring and Observations
• Staff Appraisal
• Professional Standards
• Professional Development
• Multi-Academy Trusts

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St Andrews House, Vernon Gate, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 1UJ


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“All elements of performance management and professional development are centralised in one place. The School Development Plan, Departmental Leadership, Appraisals, CPD and Self-Evaluation are integrated together. Senior leaders; therefore, have a wealth of information to hand that can be quickly analysed in only a few mouse clicks which saves hours of professional time.”

Gary King, Deputy Headteacher, The ISCA Academy

“SchooliP is certainly worth its money. As a trust, we have 12 schools with 538 teachers and support staff. SchooliP reduces the number of site visits. It is a workload saver as there is no longer any need to chase documents as they are all available within SchooliP.”

Mark Crompton, Strategic Network Manager, John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust

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