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Future First

Member since: Dec 2013 • Company Status: CHARITY Company Check

Services: Alumni-network building programme, Careers & employability events, Additional alumni outreach, E-mentoring platform, Alumni posters

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Silverdale School, Sheffield

About: Future First is a leading education charity with the vision that every state secondary school and college should be supported by a thriving and engaged community of former students. Alumni can be an incredible resource - as career role models, e-mentors, work experience providers, governors, donors, advocates and volunteers in a whole host of additional ways.

Future First’s programme combines expert advice and practical support with building, engaging and making the most of your alumni network (by pairing you with an Alumni Officer) with a customised database platform, inspirational posters, press support and invitations to regional roundtables.

Future First is a charity with the vision that every state school, academy and college should be supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community. Former students can be an incredible resource - as career role models, e-mentors, work experience providers, donors or volunteers in a whole host of different ways.

We also plan and facilitate alumni-led events. Successful sessions include whole year-group assemblies for those thinking about their post-school choices, smaller group sessions with C/D borderline students in need of extra motivation, or specific subject related events i.e. students studying science hearing from people who use science in their every day jobs.

We know how busy teaching can be, so we hope you’ll be pleased to hear that our programmes are designed to take the time burden away from you. Our team of Alumni Officers will keep things moving; they’ll just need a bit of input from you a few times a term.

The core programme includes the following:

- A secure, online database (‘Teacher Dashboard’) which allows you to view, filter and search alumni records (i.e. by education or employment details, leaving year or pledged support type), send direct messages via the alumni mailbox and record activities/notes against individuals;
- An assigned Alumni Officer, expert in alumni engagement, who will offer practical support and work with you to ensure you get the most from the programme;
- Personalised communications (SMS or email based), including an annual tracking survey, to keep your alumni connected, record progression routes and ensure contact details are up to date;
- Alumni posters (x 2), best-practice guides, lesson plans and alumni engagement templates to support in growing and mobilising your network;
- Customised online and paper forms to collect both this year’s leavers and former students’ details – data from online forms will be automatically fed into the database and Future First will upload the data of up to 200 paper forms each year;
- Specialist support from Future First press team to spread the word to alumni via local newspapers, radio and other media; Invitations to regional roundtables and conferences with other participating schools and colleges to share ideas and discuss how best to use the programme;
- Opportunities to benefit from national Future First PR campaigns to recruit older former students.

0207 239 8933
Future First Head Office, 338 City Road, London, EC1V 2PY


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“"Future First is one of the most powerful programmes I’ve seen around careers. You only had to look around the room and all the students were hanging on every word they heard. It helps them realise that there are opportunities out there in the big wide world, which are very attainable. It makes them believe that they can do it."”

Jay Lockwood, Asst Head of Sixth Form, Feltham Community College

“"Working with Future First has really benefitted the school, simply because our alumni know to relate to our students. By saying this was my registration room and this is where I was taught, strikes a chord with our students especially when they listen to the important role the school played in getting them to where they are now. It doesn’t stop here and many of our alumni are extremely keen to give something back to the school that served them so well. There is a common ground between current and ex-students and this is what we are building on to continually raise the aspirations of our students and this wouldn’t have been possible without Future First."”

Mike Neal, , Southborough High

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