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Member since: Feb 2021 • Company Status: CIC Company Check

Services: Showcase matches Events, School workshop

Regions: London

About: Get Scouted is driven by the belief that football is an effective tool to transform our youth into leaders. The get-scouted platform is to identify, connect and empower the youth that has demonstrated to have a sustainable social impact in their communities, and enable them to do more. Get Scouted Platform will be used for networking and birthing opportunities for young players whose goals are to become professional footballer, We want to enhance their all-round skills. We want to bring undiscovered talent to the eyes of football so no talent will go to waste.

Get Scouted platform, will involve players uploading their football highlights video to showcase their talent on the platform and also attending football trials advertised on the platform and also interacting with other players, liking and sharing video footage. Scouts/Agents will be able to search for the specific player they are looking for, by watching the player’s football highlight video on the platform and also be able to perform a match report while watching a Player live. Clubs and academies will be able to recruit players for their team. We will be running events (Showcase football trials) for players to attend and scouts, for players to have the opportunity to get scouted. The platform will be supported by a website and an app

115, maitland park road, London, London, NW3 2HE

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