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iLockerz Ltd

Member since: Jan 2015 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: RFiD locker systems for secure equipment loans, Electronic lockers for secure device charging, Smart lockers for package delivery and collection, RFiD asset tagging to track valuable equipment

Regions: UK wide

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About: Here at iLockerz we manufacture secure electronic locker systems that save the valuable time that is wasted looking for missing laptops/tablets and other AV equipment, whilst also serving as a secure charging station for BYOD users.

The iLockerz systems are available in 2 configurations;

1- RFiD locker systems; RFiD locker systems allow your School, College or University to secure, charge, and most importantly track the valuable laptops and AV equipment that is offered to students on loan by recording exactly who has accessed the equipment and when. Access to the lockers is of course restricted to students/staff that are authorised by the administrator to ensure total security, whilst the audit trail of usage is recorded as RFiD tagged assets are automatically checked in and out by the iLockerz software. If you're wasting time trying to track down this type of equipment or if you want to increase the availability to 24 hours then RFiD iLockerz are for you.

2- BYOD locker systems; BYOD locker systems are simple electronic lockers that can be used by students to securely store and charge personal devices and other equipment for short periods of time. Not only does this setup save valuable space on site, but it also ensures that students have fully charged devices at all times whilst increasing security and safety by removing dangerous trailing charging cables from the facility. If your students are in need of a secure, short term device storage and charging facility look no further than BYOD iLockerz.

To arrange a no-obligation demonstration at your workplace please call the team on 0121 270 6153.
Alternatively, more information can be found on our website

0121 270 6153
Unit 3 Station Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B65 0JY

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