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Immunie Blockchain

Member since: Mar 2021 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Vaccination record, Digital record, Health record

Regions: UK wide

About: When the founder of the company moved his family from South America to Europe and then to London, he was not required to present physical vaccinations cards for himself, his wife or their four children in order to enter the countries, attend school, or travel. Through talking about this experience with others, it became apparent that the current system had become an antiquated, inefficient process that was susceptible to weak controls and posed risks to public health.

Immunie Blockchain is a SaaS company which has created a compliant, fully encrypted, Blockchain network that puts individuals in charge – from the polio vaccine you got as a child to the COVID vaccine you got last week. We’ve put an end to the ‘paper card age’ by digitising the offline experience and ensuring that only you and those you approve have access to your health information.

Save time for your administrative staff with a SaaS platform that organizes and consolidates all data in one place, where your team can find the information they need with the simple push of a button:
• A clear and intuitive dashboard provides access to all student profiles
• Built in search and filter options
• Automatic reminders for 34 countries sent to the parent or student and the school
• Includes safe management of food restrictions and allergies
• Easy, clear and organised

For the parents of your students, or the students themselves, our convenient solution avoids anyone having to send records and documents via email, WhatsApp, text or even postal mail.

More free time and less paper – what’s not to love? Contact us and we can discuss what plan is best for your school.

+44 7880 572815
Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

No ratings yet

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