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Karen Blake Coaching Ltd

Member since: Nov 2020 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Career Coaching, Career Coaching for Schools, Coaching and Mentoring, Career Coaching Workshops, Accredited Training from Entry Level to Level 4

Regions: UK wide, Wales

About: Karen Blake Coaching Ltd is an independent Career Coaching and Training company based in Wales. Adding value to individual and corporate performance is our business and has been for more than 4 years.
We provide a high-quality Career Coaching and Training Services – in-person, telephone or via Microsoft Teams and Zoom - enabling clients who are being coached to achieve their goals. We have a person-centred approach to meet the needs of each client or organisation, ensuring it is a positive experience.
Through motivating and encouraging each person to achieve their full potential, they can bring about the positive changes they want.
We establish a partnership with each client, and we work together to address challenges being faced. Each client is treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, disability, ethnic, social or religious background.
Karen Blake Coaching also provides bespoke (Accredited/Non-accredited) Coaching and Training to meet your individual and organisational needs. Whether you want to improve employee engagement, improve performance, develop career choices or reduce absenteeism, we offer solutions to meet your requirements.

Who we work with:

I have seen first-hand the barriers faced that have prevented career progression and the devastating effect it has on confidence, motivation and performance. They have included:

o Lone parents feeling dejected as they are unsure how to maintain their skills whilst juggling their home and caring for their children.

o Those facing or have been made redundant feeling uncertain of where to turn to for support, as they have never had a cv or job interview or they have been in a role for a number of years but no one has realised that they are embarrassed by their reading and writing skills.

o School leavers/NEETs fearful of choosing the right career path.

o Individuals fearing a classroom environment, preventing continued personal and professional development.

o Individuals who want to progress within an organisation but fearing how best to present themselves and not having confidence in their skills and abilities.

o Individuals with long term health conditions and disabilities unsure of how they would fit within a work environment as well as how they would access continued professional development.

o First-line managers too nervous to seek support from direct line managers when first in post.

01685 700946
Crownford House, Swan Street, Merthyr Tydfil, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8EU

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