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Kitt Medical

Member since: Jul 2022 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system , Accredited Training, Incident Reporting Tool, Custom-made online management system, In-date allergy medication at all times, Secure wall-mounted Kitt, Break glass in case of emergency box

Regions: UK wide

About: Kitt is an anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system for schools.

Like a defibrillator, but for allergies.

Our all-in-one subscription includes adrenaline auto-injectors in a secure wall-mounted kit, combined with our online management system and accredited training resources.

Kitt is a solution based on the experiences of our Founder, Zak, a lifelong nut allergy sufferer, and the feedback we received from schools that:

- Adrenaline Auto-Injectors can be difficult to source
- Staff training is inconsistent
- On-site access and replenishment of the AAI upon expiry can be challenging to manage.
- Lack of an automated service to replace used medication with a new set of adrenaline pens.

We're creating a new and proactive standard for allergy care.

Stanmore Business & Innovation Centre Stanmore Place, Howard Road, Stanmore, London, HA7 1GB


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Mayor’s Entrepreneur Winner Health Award | Mayor of London, 2022

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“An inspirational product ensuring young people at risk of anaphylaxis have immediate access to emergency treatment. The Kitt is robust and easy to use, and the support that comes with it helps us reduce admin time. When somebody experiences anaphylaxis, it happens so very quickly. It's really important to us that our students feel safe, their families feel comfortable, and our teaching staff feel reassured that they're trained to be able to deliver the right care if they need to. ”

K.Cragg, Medical Needs Coordinator, Wilmslow High School

3 schools give their feedback, Headteacher, registered nurse and estates manager, Various schools

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