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OTrack by Optimum

Member since: Mar 2015 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Pupil Attainment and Tracking Software

Regions: England

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About: OTrack is a bespoke, online pupil tracking solution for Infant, Junior and Primary schools. But, it’s not just a product, it’s a service too! Launched in 2005, OTrack is now well-established and used by over 1600 schools across the UK, UAE, and Kuwait.

OTrack allows you to track pupils how you want, be it using your own summative codes and/or percentage growth across your curriculum.

FORMATIVE TRACKING - A true assessing without levels system that allows you to plan and teach to pupils’ knowledge gaps. This is the perfect way to track pupils’ understanding of curriculum objectives. By using our formative tracking feature, you can easily identify what each pupil can and can’t do, as well as identifying coverage and any gaps within your pupils’ knowledge. Essentially, this system ‘tracks the learner’, so planning and teaching can be targeted for pupils’ needs. We are partnered with a number of market leading organisations to allow you to choose the content you will like, or you can make your own bespoke bank of objectives.

SUMMATIVE TRACKING - Show progression, attainment, depth of understanding using teacher assessments and tests. Our summative tracking options have been designed with the new curriculum in mind. The focus of these features are to give you the ability track the attainment and progress of each pupil’s knowledge within a Programme of Study and/or Test.

TEST SCORE TRACKING - Track standardised test scores or raw scores and triangulate data to see exactly how a pupil is doing.

POWERFUL REPORTING - No more spreadsheets or calculators. We have a powerful suite f reports ready for you to use.

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Unit 1 Wharfe House, Richmond Business Park, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5NL


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BETT Finalist 2015 ERA Finalist 2015 ERA Finalist 2016 ERA Winner 2016

BETT Awards Finalist 2015 • Education Resources Awards Finalist 2015 • Education Resources Awards Winner 2016 • Education Resources Awards Finalist 2017 • Education Resources Awards Finalist 2017

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“We are always very pleased with the responses and support we receive. We feel this is one of the key strengths of OTrack. We have really appreciated the in school refresher training you have given us this year. Thank you.”

Sue Thackray, Headteacher, Driffield CE Infant School

“We are very happy with the OTrack. The telephone helpdesk is very good and the support in school was excellent. Thank you for an excellent service.”

Jane Calladine, Headteacher, Parkview Primary

  • OTrack's has a dynamic Dashboard allows you to see headline data for your school, the moment you log in.
  • Based on a school's own parameters OTrack can suggest a summative judgement for the teacher to moderate.
  • Drilling down into the attainment stage suggestion report provides more in-depth data for every subject.
  • Class Track data can be used to report on the 'depth of knowledge' on a termly or half-termly basis.
  • Pupil planning and assessment made easy!
  • Fully customisable parent reports are available.
  • Our easy-to-use data entry screens make OTrack a user-friendly system.
  • OTrack hosts a vast range of reports, all customisable to suit the way your school wishes to track pupils.