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Pulse CSI (Pulse Education and Business Services Limited)

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Regions: England, East Midlands, Derby, Derbyshire, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, East of England, Bedford, Cambridgeshire, Central Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Luton, Norfolk, Peterborough, Southend on Sea, Suffolk, Thurrock, London, Barking and Dagenham

About: Our Intention

Pulse CSI seeks to provide an educational service that is second to none, skilled and experienced within Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs settings, we uphold the value of experience-based learning, promoting knowledge, which is charged with passion, memories, and creativity. At Pulse CSI, we believe that the process of learning is just as important, if not more important than the end subject matter, we care about the development of character, the strengthening of confidence, and the expression of imagination. Aligning ourselves within the guidelines of the National Curriculum (2015), Pulse brings an additional aspect to experiential learning, by contextually framing our material within social, technological, and scientific applications, found within the real world, we are able to translate what is often abstract and confusing into memorable, fun and liveable experiences.


Our material, information, and resources are at the cutting edge of forensic technology, taking some of the most recent advancements in the field and translating them into our provision. Our delivery is informative to a level that lies beyond a standard ‘Google search’, by working closely with forensic professionals, crime scene investigators, and advanced forensic academics we are able to draw together a factual and reliable service, offering a true reflection of modern forensics.


Time within this field has taught us to refine our ‘hook’, that crucial first 10 minutes which determines our audience’s engagement, we understand the natural allure that comes along with the exciting world of forensics and CSI, and we hold no shame in admitting that we use it to our full advantage. Our sessions place the participant at the center of the action granting them an ‘access to all areas passes to becoming a CSI for the day. To make our activities truly engaging we employ this contemporary educational technique, known as ‘The mantle of the expert’, a method by which the participant is responsible and accountable as a professional. Complete with an exciting job title, this tried and tested practice sees participant engagement reach staggering levels, and is perhaps best observed within the schools we enter. During the morning, pupils are taught the essential skills to process their own crime scene, in the afternoon the staff and teachers need only to sit back and watch a previously quiet child become enthused and invigorated about his new role as a ‘fingerprint specialist’. Our positive labeling technique promotes involvement, responsibility, and focus, all of which are to be expected within a Pulse CSI experience.


We do not believe in making things overly complicated, our participants are not undertaking a forensic science degree, they are, however, attempting to experience the techniques and practices of CSI. This being said, we also do not believe in replicating television trends in presenting half-truths and science fiction styled deliveries to our participants, we are about real forensics and the work of real CSI. To us, it is about finding a balance between science and the wonder, our equipment is authentic yet uncomplicated, as is our delivery style.


Pulse CSI's provision of educational experiences involves every participant, we understand that learning is a multi-dimensional process involving emotional and tactile experiences linked to memories and feelings. We know the best way to achieve the best experience is by engaging people on the most practical level possible. Each element of our CSI package comes with a highly interactive practical activity because we know that learning isn’t all looking and listening, it’s doing and getting involved. An amazing feature of this particular topic is seen within the emphasis on individual uniqueness, while we point out that unique qualities aid in criminal investigations, we also celebrate individual distinctiveness. The individuality of a fingerprint, genetic heritage, hair color, or any personal trait becomes a discussion point within these sessions which is inclusive to everyone.


One of our key goals at Pulse CSI is to inspire the next generation, not just the next generation of CSI’s and forensic scientists, but to get all young people involved with STEM on a practical and enjoyable level, to show them that STEM careers aren’t unobtainable jobs available to only a select few, within our sessions, we discuss a variety of job roles working around and within CSI, promoting the pursuit of scientific subjects as a foundation to build whatever career they may want in the future. Our work inspires a diverse set of skills and qualities, sometimes allowing people to recognize talents and unknown interests. A Pulse CSI delivery isn’t just a narrow topic, we promote the development of social and leadership skills, teaching first-hand the importance of effective communication with abstract and analytical approaches to problem-solving. A Pulse CSI workshop accepts and nurtures learning individuals as a whole, inspiring them to new possibilities.

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The Studio, 2 Farriers Gate, Cranwell Village, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, ENGLAND, Lincolnshire, NG34 8NT

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