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Real Asset Management

Member since: Jan 2015 • Company Status: PLC Company Check

Services: Asset Management, Asset Tracking, Mobile app, Barcode Tracking, Auditing, Consultancy, Project planning, Training, Technical support, Cloud Services

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: The Federation of Orchard and Southwold Primary School, London

About: Real Asset Management Plc (RAM), established in 1981, is a leading supplier of fixed asset management software solutions and services. Throughout the last 30 years, its products have been implemented by more than 3,000 organisations in over 70 countries and used across all industry sectors.

RAM’s product suite of fixed asset modules fully complies with all education regulations and has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of schools, academies, colleges and universities. The simplicity and flexibility of adding assets, recording events, producing detailed analysis and reports and tracking assets has ensured its place as the market’s leading solution, now used by over 100 educational establishments across the UK.

RAM’s range of products and consultancy services is a tried and tested solution, guaranteeing compliance with IFRS and the DfE Academies Financial Handbook. RAM’s software provides comprehensive functionality for managing all fixed asset requirements, including depreciation of assets, barcode tracking and automated physical audits.

Key features and benefits include:

• Effectively manage capital assets and related DfE grant funding.
• Manage the effective utilisation of assets and plan for their replacement.
• Produce a full and precise audit trail, to the satisfaction of external auditors.
• Hold a centralised register of both capital and revenue assets to support insurance claims in the event of fire, theft, vandalism or other disasters.
• Track the location of mobile assets and items on loan to students or staff, utilising barcode technology.
• Ensure accountability for the assets as the asset register logs details such as location, description and person responsible for that asset.
• Utilise reports to reconcile purchases and disposals each month, and deliver assurances to auditors on accurate asset value.

With offices in 9 countries worldwide across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia/New Zealand and the Americas, RAM’s commitment to continuous technological development and exceptional customer service, together with its drive to forge partnerships with the industry’s top organisations, enables it to build on its competitive advantage and remain at the forefront of its sector.

+44 (0)1689 892137
+44 (0)1689 892100
Central Court, Knoll Rise, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0JA

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“IT is increasingly important in today’s educational curriculum; it’s becoming an integral part of modern learning. As such, it was important that our own systems supported the innovative use of IT within everyday lessons. RAM is offering me a solution that supports the federation’s overall objective of high quality learning, high quality reporting and cost control, and I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the new system.”

Guiseppa Collela-Mare, School Business Manager, The Federation of Orchard and Southwold Primary School