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Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations

Member since: Mar 2013 • Company Status: SOLE TRADER Company Check

Services: Talks and Presentations for Young People In School, Teacher Training on Anti-Bullying, Drama Productions on Bullying for young people to

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Epsom College, Epsom, Surrey

About: Bullying is something I experienced as a young person at Secondary School. Like many people, this experience had a profound effect upon me. I decided to use my experiences in the most positive way possible. I wrote a book [What Have I Ever Done To You?] which was published and featured in national media and I began volunteering to give talks on bullying to young people in Schools.

These talks were so well received, that in 2003 I decided to establish a company [Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations] and for the past ten years I have provided Anti-Bullying Presentations, Workshops and Drama Productions to hundreds of Schools & Colleges all over the UK.

I help Schools to keep the profile of the 'Anti-Bullying' ethos high and reduce incidences of bullying behaviour by helping young understand WHY the 'Anti-Bullying' message is so important.

I inspire young people to be:

Much less likely to bully others
Much more likely to seek support and report bullying issues.
Much more likely to challenge bullying behaviour.

The main thing I provide to young people in Secondary School and FE College is my drama presentation The Boy In The Photograph - a monologue inspired by my story.

If you'd like a flavour of this, please feel free to watch a clip of the Presentation here:

For Anti-Bullying Presentations, Workshops and Resources that can make a real difference in your school or setting visit

PO Box 10056, Nottingham, ---, NG2 9LS

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