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Safety Assured Limited

Member since: Jul 2018 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Door Risk Assessment, Supply of Door Finger Protector®, Installation of Door Finger Protector®, Free Flow PVC Curtains, Fireco Approved Installer, Installation of Dorgard Pro

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: St Hilda's School Preparatory school for Girls, Bushey Hertfordshire

About: Established in 1995 Safety Assured Ltd manufactures and installs the unique Door Finger Protector® a simple solution that prevents finger injury caused by closing doors. It is unobtrusive, affordable and easy to maintain.

We are the trusted choice for schools and nurseries together with retail and leisure outlets and offer risk assessments, advice and Children’s Charter Door Safety Compliance certification of Door Finger Protector®

Door Finger Protector® is a unique modular door safety system designed to fit all types of doors. It is designed specifically to meet the statutory (and reasonably practicable) requirements under Common Law Duty of Care and The Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974.

The shield system is designed to retain its convex shape thereby preventing injury or obstructing a closing fire door. Its fixings do not perforate fire rated doors and the shield can be safely extended to avoid restricting larger or wider opening doors.

Door Finger Protector® is suitable for conventional doors with standard butt, rising butt or pivot hinges, including glass.

There are a number of devices on the market which purport to prevent finger entrapment, however, many are not fit for purpose and some may in fact make matters worse as they can implode on a fire door rendering the door useless in preventing the spread of flames and smoke.

Not many people are aware of the forces exerted when a door closes, and the hinge side of a door can cut with the equivalent of a 16-tonne guillotine! It is estimated that over 80,000 door finger injuries occur each year in the UK. Some injuries are worse than others, but the total cost to the NHS is put at £240m per year.

For young children and adults alike, the trauma and disability can be profound.

Finger entrapment in the hinge side of doors is completely avoidable and therefore you should take appropriate action to ensure that your school meets its statutory duty of care.

Finger entrapment is after all a reasonably foreseeable injury and therefore not excusable as an accident!

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Incensu Registration Mark

British Safety Council Member • Essex Chamber of Commerce


Design Council “Millenium Product” Status  • East London Business Award for Product innovation  • Door Finger Protector® - Tested to BS476, ISO182,

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““I commend your initiative and agree that, despite all our good intentions, there is a real need for your specialist risk assessment and necessity to maintain standards on an annual basis.””

N.P.L Emes, Head Teacher, Hacton Primary School

““I am satisfied that Finger Protector meets all the necessary criteria I look for when risk assessing these essential safety management aids””

Nicholas Balmforth MBE, Director and Chief Executive Officer, The Play Inspection Company

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