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Member since: Sep 2021 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Online Lettings, School Booking Software, School Lettings, School Booking Software, Online Bookings, Venue Hire, Online Calendar, Space Lettings

Regions: UK wide

About: Easy to use, cloud-based sports & school facility management software and online booking system. Save yourself time and increase revenue with a simple all-in-one platform. At SportsKey, we understand your problems because we’ve been in your shoes. Our sports & school facility management software and online booking system has helped many schools across the UK .

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5.00 stars
5 stars

“SportsKey have allowed us to scale up our bookings and develop a much more user friendly (and staff friendly) bookings system that helps us maximise our facilities. SportsKey gives us the flexibility and functionality we need as a school to organise our external lettings effectively and make sure our community can gain access. Bookapitch are highly responsive and always act on feedback, developing tools within the software to make our user experience better. Our customers really like the simplicity of SportsKey and that it's accessible straight from our website, making bookings quick and easy. Features such as booking requests and invoicing have made the system really work for us. SportsKey has taken us to the next level.”

Chris Wright, Director of Sport, Baysgarth School

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““This software is a no-brainer for any school. It’s made my life simple.””

Brennan Williams, , British International School of Chicago

““This software is a real game-changer for us. All our bookings are online and we would be lost without it.””

Laura McNoughton, , Belvedere College