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Super Spellers

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Services: Competitive pricing for schools, Gamification applied to support learning , Learning made fun, exciting and rewarding. , Supports children with dyslexia , Supports with remote learning. , Aligns with the English National Curriculum , Specialist in supporting teaching spellings

Regions: UK wide

About: Super Spellers is a web platform created to help children ages 5 to 11 develop their basic spelling skills. Designed through exciting new spelling games, set in a dynamic gaming environment, Super Spellers allows students to strengthen their spelling confidence, combining superhero, comic book style characters and fun score creation functionality to increase engagement and make learning fun.

Providing a different and innovative learning and reinforcement service that combines technology and games to achieve better spelling use and constant knowledge retention.
Super Spellers supports the learning and retention of all spelling rules established by the Department of Education.

Throughout the platform dyslexic font is available to support students and teachers with dyslexia feel confident and engaged to learn and play.

Each student will have their own avatar and superhero name. As they play, they will earn rewards like coins and super powers to allow their avatar to become the ultimate superhero.
Power Badges will be rewarded once a spelling mission has been successfully completed. Badges will allow players to level up. By introducing this reward system, it will provide more intermediate objectives for the game to ensure that the player is not only focused on the immediate task but is not lacking in interest once completed.

Students learn at varied rates. Therefore, to ensure they are given the maximum opportunity to develop confidence in their spelling and receive positive reinforcement, whether at home or at school, we have developed the Super Spellers platform, so effort is rewarded as well as achievement.

The platform simple for teachers to set spellings and review results.
The spellings  can be automatically put into sets per year group and will cover 100 percent of the national curriculum. This is based on feedback we received from schools to make it as easy as possible for the teachers to set. There will also be an option for teachers to customise a word list and to adapt the game to the individual child’s ability.  Teachers can easily review a student’s results after every test they complete. Teachers will be able to send messages of congratulations to their students.

Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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