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Tech Buyers Club

Member since: Jun 2022 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Procurement Services, IT Hardware, Technology products, IT Consumables

Regions: UK wide

About: Tech Buyers Club is a unique service that delivers direct cost savings and a reduction in the administration tasks associated with Technology (I.T.) products.

The costs you pay are comprised of a wholesale cost and the margin your supplier adds on.

Our service will show you the supplier margins you are paying and how they compare to the industry standard of 3%. This initial analysis is FREE and without any obligation.

Should we discover any excessive margins we will renegotiate them with your current suppliers.

Should they continue to resist you can utilise one of our THREE GUARANTEES:

1. A national supply source that will supply at a margin of 3%

2. We will save you a minimum of twice the cost of our service

3. 100% of monies returned if you are not completely satisfied after 100 days

In addition to generating better value you will also receive:

* One point of contact to manage all of your enquiries.
* Ensure that you obtain quotations to an agreed timescale.
* Confirm product availability.
* Plan upgrades or investments to secure additional discounts.
* Obtain proposals on alternative and more competitive products / brands.
* Review buying patterns to generate further discounts from manufacturers.

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32 Wentworth Drive, Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 6FN


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5.00 stars
5 stars

“Tech Buyers Club has opened our eyes into how our suppliers are constructing their prices and the various margins that they are charging us. The analysis that Neil has provided has shown where we are getting good value but also where significant improvements are available. Quotations are turned around in quick time. They provide a clear break down of the costs, confirming the supplier margin and also detailing important information on delivery and product availability. That information Tech Buyers Club has access to is invaluable and I would highly recommend any organisation not to assume that they are receiving good value and to review their costs.””

David Smith, Director of Education, Competence at Wigan Warriors

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