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The School Radio Initiative

Member since: Aug 2020 • Company Status: CHARITY

Services: presenter studio, and radio DJ pack for pupils, interactive team Creative 3 hour workshop training, radio station school tech remote support , Free No Obligation Demonstration

Regions: Luton, London, Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Camden, City of London, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Lambeth, Lewisham

About: At the School Radio Initiative, we recognise that engaging with children and young people who have been or on the brink of exclusion from the education system or involved in the criminal justice system is not a new phenomenon.

Yet the provision of joint resources and the engagement of this targeted group remain as challenging as ever. These challenges can be further complicated by the occurrence of anti-social behaviour and unlawful group association.

Consequently, these young people can often be hard to reach. This perturbing behaviour is often attributed to stress, anger, frustration, rejection and/or peer pressure. Regardless of the aforementioned, the school radio initiative is motivated by the view that positive change amongst the targeted group, can be obtained by way of positive collaboration – ‘a team around the student’

Our founders draw upon decades of combined experience in working with young people by providing teaching and training in new media, Broadcasting and radio for young people and have adopted a cost-effective school radio station streaming platform to provide and initiate both live streaming and podcast hosting facilities that won’t let your school down or cost the earth.

Training consists of real-world broadcasting scenarios, that will prepare them not only in the real world of radio broadcasting but also as future business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Belief
We believe by offering hope of academic social musical inclusion we speak a language that is most familiar in a growing student’s life by introducing a new way of music involvement. our mission is to involve pupils from mid to end of primary school age to pupils nearest end of secondary school and to eradicate pupils that may be at risk to be the most vulnerable.

Preparation training
An important aspect of our workshop training is preparation. Before embarking on any form of equipment training students are tasked to understand the roles involved in preparing a radio show and the roles involved within a radio station and to work collaboratively ‘as a team’ to prepare before broadcasting/ Dj practice begins.

This initial preparation is a mindset instilled within all student’s in order to put into practice and use within their everyday lives.


1/ We haven’t thought about School Radio before, what are the benefits?
There are many benefits to School Radio.

School Radio builds an inclusive atmosphere in the school and confidence inpupils and develops speaking and listening skills with literacy achieving a majority of the National Curriculum Standards.

2 / Do we need a big budget for School Radio?
You don’t need a big budget; you can start out in School Radio with just a starter studio package or you can choose to progress up the studio package ladder if you want more options and a bigger studio.

Did you know you can have a portable studio? Or even one specifically for accessibility for students with varied levels of special educational needs? The choice is yours no matter what your school’s budget or requirements

3 / I think my school would benefit from a School Radio but I don’t think we have the space or the resources.

You don’t need a lot of space for School Radio and you don’t even need a dedicated area, we can provide portable studios to transport easily around the school. School Radio is so easy to learn that even a child of five years can learn to use the basics, so staff resources are kept to a minimum!

4 / I don’t want to commit to purchasing a School Radio studio just yet – I want to see one in action and get a feel if it is right for our school. I want our ICT/ Teachers and Head Teacher involved to.

We can provide an on-site, no obligation demonstration if you can provide an audience and a date at your school, the pupils are welcomed to try it out too to see how easy it is! A demonstration takes minutes to set up and would only take an hour of your time.

Visit our site to enquire or arrange a free no obligation demonstration.

5 / What skills do I, or the pupils need to run a School Radio? You do not need any specific skills to either run or use a School Radio, you just need to have a willingness to learn and be creative!

0844 500 6119
64, Litchfield Gardens, London, nw102ll


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