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Member since: Apr 2015 • Company Status: LTD Company Check

Services: Disability Awareness Workshops , Disability Talks, Mentoring Services

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: Chipping Sodbury School , Chipping Sodbury

About: VEUcan provides Disability Awareness Workshops to primary and secondary schools across the UK and is delivered by Nath Fernandes, an independent disability consultant. His workshops combines visual and physical activities to allow participants to experience various disabilities themselves, i.e. Blindness, Deafness and Cerebral Palsy (Naths own disability) which then can be related to when communicating with disabled people. Take, for example, the blindness activity which involves two participants; one participant is blindfolded and has to restack Russian Dolls whilst the other is only allowed to give verbal guidance, it's not as easy as it sounds!!! The feedback that Nath has received in the past from teachers has been fantastic and are actually surprised that others haven't given it a thought!

Workshops can also be customised to your requirements whether it is focusing on one particular area or addressing a different aspect of a topic.

For more information, please visit Nath's website or call him.

Please note that Nath holds a certified Educational CRB Check.

Firside Bungalow , Mead Road , Bristol , BS34 8PS

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“We asked Nath to come in and talk to our Year 9 students as part of our PSHE programme looking at discrimination and prejudice. I wasn't sure how the students would react but they were really gripped by his presentation. Many of them were struck by the things they had in common - such as a liking of the Xbox - but also inspired by how much Nath has achieved despite the extra obstacles he has had to overcome. I will definitely be inviting Nath back next year.”

Sally, Teacher , Chipping Sodbury School

“Nath Fernandes and his team came to Hull Collegiate School to run our Disability Awareness workshop for Year 7 on PHSCE day. It was an awesome morning and the pupils really enjoyed the interactive presentation. Nath was an excellent presenter with a good sense of humour and the children had lots of questions to ask him that he replied to with care and patience. We thoroughly enjoyed Nath’s visit and would not hesitate to recommend him and his team to other schools.”

Andrea , Teacher , Hull Collegiate School