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Vizi Education

Member since: Mar 2021 • Company Status: LTD

Services: Digital markbook, Dynamic visualisations, Interactive quizzes, Seating plans, AI reporting, Student and Parent module, Individual pupil objective breakdown, Progress 8 , Attainment 8, Automatic grading, Behaviour module, Safeguarding module, National Curriculum objective breakdowns

Regions: UK wide

About: Vizi's suite of products allow you to compare attainment, attendance, behaviour, safeguarding and objective progress. You can pick and choose which ones suit your needs and enjoy seamless integration.

- Visual markbook with customisable colours, sparklines, automatic grading and hotspotting
- Generate smart charts to make comparisons of any data
- Create automatically sorted seating charts based on any metric
- Preloaded with National curriculum objective breakdowns
- Set quizzes that automatically marked with the scores added to your markbook for you
- Deep dive into data with dynamic vizs produced from any data set
- Share annonymised vizs with students, parents, governors and MATS to increases transparency and mastery at the same time
- Create personalised student objectives for students with SEND
- Track attendance and compare it to attainment or behaviour
- Record safeguarding incidents
- Record and track positive, neutral and negative conduct and share the information
- Set homework that goes straight to students
- Increase parental engagement with the student/parent module

9 Wentworth Park avenue, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9QU

No ratings yet

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