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Wilkins Kennedy

Member since: Sep 2012 • Company Status: LLP Company Check

Services: Accountants & Auditors, WoGA return assistance, AAR assurance, Systems consultation, Business support

Regions: UK wide

Recommending School: The Brittons Academy, Havering

About: As a top 20 accountancy business advisory firm offering services to academies in the UK, our experienced team of Academy specialists has been on hand to successfully guide schools through the entire academy conversion process from start to finish since the Academies Programme began in 2000, and more recently working with newer converter academies since the passing of the Academies Act in 2010.

As your preferred accountants and business advisers, Wilkins Kennedy offers you support from the outset, sharing our vast knowledge of this sector and ensuring you plan your finances effectively to make the most of your conversion and benefit from all the opportunities and funding available to you.

We work with all types of academies including both primary and secondary schools, sponsored academies and converter academies, recognising that every academy has different needs and requires a different level of support.

Services we can offer academies include:

Company secretarial
Financial and regulatory compliance
Governance reviews
Management accounts & bookkeeping
Responsible Officer
Risk assessment and system reviews
Taxation and VAT

01702 348646
1 Nelson Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EG


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5.00 stars
5 stars

“An excellent service, reliable and supports the Trust throughout the year, Highly recommended.”

Peter Melville, Chief Operating Officer, South West Essex Community Education Trust

5 stars

“Makes the finance reporting at an Academy much easier at times of AAR and year end. Great support.”

Peter Melville, Chief Operating Officer, South West Essex Community Education Trust

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“I confirm that our Accountant is Dan Garside at Wilkins Kennedy and I would definitely recommend their services. Dan is very helpful and is quick to respond to queries on the Academy Accounts.”

Diane Belchamber, Finance & Facilities Manager, The Brittons Academy

“Wilkins Kennedy LLP has been providing my school with accountancy and audit services for at least 7 years and more recently as we became an academy. The company provides excellent service and is quick to respond to enquiries and always supports the school in completing all finance papers required for DFE and EFA. A reliable company and one I would recommend to other schools looking for these services.”

Peter Melville, School Business Director, William Edwards School