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WizeUp Consultants

Member since: Mar 2013 • Company Status: SOLE TRADER Company Check

Services: Apprenticeships, Bank accounts, Benefits, Budgeting, C.V. Writing, Credit Cards, Credit ratings, Debt problems, Flat & House Sharing, Gap Years, Insurance, Interview Technique, Loan Comparison, Mobile Phone Contracts, Mortgages, Pensions, Presenting, Saving & Investing, Student Finance, Tax & National Insurance

Regions: England

Recommending School: Portland Place School, London

About: WizeUp is a not for profit company established in 2011. We offer 20 different topics :- Apprenticeships, Bank Accounts, Benefits, Budgeting, C.V. Writing, Credit cards, Credit rating, Debt problems, Flat & house sharing, Gap years, Insurance, Interview technique, Loan comparison, Mobile phone contracts, Mortgages, Pensions, Presenting, Saving & investing, Student finance, Tax & National Insurance. Schools can choose You can as many, or as few of the topics as they wish. To help them make that decision we encourage all students to complete an online questionnaire which helps us understand their specific needs. This information we feed back to the school.
The presentations can be as long or as short as timetables allows. Some schools prefer short 30 minute seminars while others like to have full days of workshops.
Once the format has been decided we come to the school to deliver either small size workshops with 25 students or larger sized seminars to our audiences. Where possible we use practical examples and real life situations backed up by slides.
The workshops are augmented by a members area of our website where students can get information on all twenty topics and also one-to-one support from any of our consultants.

74 Bressey Grive, South Woodford, London, E18 2HX

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