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ISBL (Institute of School Business Leadership

The Institute of School Business Leadership is the UK's leading organisation for school business leadership and management professionals in both schools and academies. They offer an influential voice in national education policy. They provide access to robust training and qualifications recognised by the sector, as evidence of the skills and competency required to fulfil all aspects of school business leadership and management effectively.

ISBL builds and maintains strong relationships with regional SBM groups. This deepens their understanding of regional issues and provides them with increased access to the SBM professionals and examples of effective practice.

ISBL is a body recognised by the Department for Education/Education funding Agency and receives requests to sit on a number of the steering groups including the School Funding Implementation Group and the Efficiency Group.  ISBL are then able to both represent the views of its members in relation to items being discussed and also feedback updates and information from these meetings.

Incensu Top Tip:

Incensu recommends school business leaders join ISBL and get involved through regional groups.

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