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Sell More To UK Schools

Incensu membership is the most cost-effective way for businesses to access budget holders from schools and multi-academy trusts in the UK. The School Suppliers' Dashboard provides all the tools, resources and support you need to engage with and retain clients from across the UK education sector. Benefits include;

  • Reach 25,000+ key decision-makers from schools, academies and multi-academy trusts
  • Expert education marketing support to generate qualified leads and enquires from schools
  • A fair and even playing field for both local and national businesses of all sizes
  • Receive feedback from school leaders on marketing collateral to increase engagement
  • Save thousands on your marketing budget through exclusive discounts with our partners (View partners)
  • Display the Incensu Registration Mark and School Rating Badge to boost confidence
  • Access to a wealth of education marketing videos and resources with insight from school budget holders


A more powerful method for selling to schools

Marketing and selling to schools is so much easier when you have a strong online presence. By opting for an Incensu membership, you can make your company much more visible to decision makers in educational organisations. The services that we provide are designed to maximise your presence in the education sector. They also enable you to advertise to academies that have greater control over their budgets and make it easier to target your products and services to Heads and School Business Leaders.

Benefit from Incensu expertise

At Incensu, we have a rich understanding of the UK education sector. We have an outstanding track record when it comes to enabling suppliers to reach new customers across primary, secondary, independent and special schools, nurseries, colleges and universities. With our support behind you, you can see a substantial boost in revenue. We can help you join the National Register of Education Suppliers and have strong long-term partnerships with various leading education organisations, exhibitions and publications.

Attract academies with Incensu membership

Having a presence on the National Register of Education Suppliers shows educational organisations including academies that you are a credible brand that’s worth doing business with. Targeting academies can be very lucrative for school suppliers as these organisations operate outside of local authority control despite being publicly funded. As academies are funded directly from central Government, they have more control over their budgets, which is great news for suppliers.

Win the attention of Headteachers and School Business Leaders

Headteachers and School Business Leaders are in charge of large school budgets. Our marketing campaigns specifically aim to help Headteachers and School Business Leaders to purchase quality products and services. We provide these leaders with essential online tools to help them make the right procurement decisions for their needs whilst making your products and services more visible to them.

The benefits of marketing to schools

There are many benefits attached to marketing your products and services to schools. Government spending on Education has risen considerably over recent years. As there is a great deal of competition amongst suppliers, it’s important to take steps to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. At Incensu, we are here to provide you with indispensable marketing opportunities whilst you build your reputation amongst schools.

Our platform enables schools to rate and review suppliers. The more positive feedback you receive, the easier it will be to attract new custom. Positive ratings and recommendations can help you grow your reputation within the UK education sector and protect your long-term prosperity. Once you have become an Incensu member, you can display the Incensu Registration Mark and School Rating Badge to boost confidence amongst potential customers. You will also gain access to a wealth of education marketing videos and resources to help you sell your products and services to school decision makers.


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