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Member since: Jul 2020

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Services provided: Lettings Platform, Facility Hire, Bookng Platform for Lettings, Venue Hire, School Hire, Lettings System, Facility Hire System

SchoolHire works exclusively with almost 300 schools nationwide, providing an online lettings platform allowing customers the ability to see pictures, descriptions, live...

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Safesmart Limited

Member since: Apr 2016

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Services provided: Smartlog - H & S Management & Training software, Fire Safety Risk Assessment Services , Fire Safety & Health and Safety Audits, Health and Safety Advisory Services, Self monitoring Risk Assessment Software, Health and Safety Risk assessment services, Asset Management Software, Full Accident reporting software, Fire Safety Training, Fire Warden Training

Safesmart provides Health and Safety risk and compliance management consultancy and software and fire safety engineering services. ...

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Services 4 Schools

Member since:

0333 772 1272Email

Services provided: Governor Support, Governor Training and Development, Maintained School Finance Support, Academy Finance Support, GDPR Services

Services 4 Schools offer a range of high quality professional business support solutions, enabling...

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PTC Wizard

Member since: Jun 2017


Services provided: Scheduling parent teacher conferences, Parent volunteering, Teacher meetings, Online registration, Real time reporting

Online scheduling platform for parents and teachers meetings and conferences...

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