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Find Waste Management for Schools

Reliable Services For Education Settings

For any school or education facility, it is essential to establish an effective waste management system in order to sustain a safe, clean and hygienic environment for the pupils and teachers to work in. Putting in place sustainable waste management practices is crucial in ensuring that surplus packaging, materials, leftover foods, waste and recyclables are all stored, removed and disposed of safely and legally.

Our register puts you in touch with dependable, cost effective waste management specialists who have experience working across a multitude of sectors, and are able to adapt their services to fit in with the necessary rules, regulations and safety aspects that come with working at education facilities.

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Why Is Waste Management So Important?

Waste management covers everything from the organisation, collection, monitoring, transportation and disposal of waste to developing sustainable waste management plans that help to reduce the facilities environmental impact.

Professional waste management services help schools and education settings by overseeing the process, making changes where necessary and carrying out removals in order to ensure compliance at all times to the relevant government legislations.

The Benefits of Professional Waste Management

With seasoned professionals in charge of all logistical and practical aspects of waste management, schools can have complete peace of mind in knowing that everything is being effectively managed, saving valuable time that can be better spent focused on the school and its students.

They will also be able to make suggestions and implement small, practical changes that can help to increase efficiency, greatly reduce the amount of waste and even save you money through more streamlined and organised practices.

This might cover things such as;

Treatment and disposal

Tried and Tested Companies You Can Trust

The Incensu National Register of Education Suppliers gives schools directs access to this specialist directory of reliable, trusted and peer reviewed companies providing a wide range of cost effective solutions.

If you would like to find out more about our listed waste management services or to join our register, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Grays Office Supplies

Member since: Jan 2013

01375 378242Email

Services provided: Office supplies, Cost Consultancy, Managed Print Services, Education Furniture, Office Furniture, Office Installation, Installation, Paper, Furniture, Secure Shredding

Grays Office Supplies are your total workplace solution. From basic office supplies to a whole office refit, they will have a package to suit you. ...

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Member since: Sep 2019


Services provided: Sustainable Products, Cleaning Products, Fogging Devices, Sanitisers, Non-Dairy Milks, Healthy Snacks, Eco-Refill Station

LocoSoco helps schools fundraise by hosting a refill station for the community and leading the charge for a reduction in single-use plastic....

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Euro Environmental Ltd

Member since: Nov 2012

0870 7019170Email

Services provided: Health & Safety, Asbestos Management, Water Safety, Air Quality

Euro Environmental Ltd was established in 1999 to meet with the growing demands for quality inspections, analysis and consultancy in the fields of Occupational Health & Safety....

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NBC Bird & Pest Solutions

Member since: Dec 2012

0800 1699646 Email

Services provided: Pest Control, Nuisance Bird Control, Wildlife Management, Guano Cleaning

Expert. Ethical. Innovation, Value, bird, pest and wildlife control services...

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0800 389 9907Email

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Oltec Group


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0207 953 4047Email

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