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“Our students have all been engaged and encouraged by the YFT platform. The video lesson content has supported our learners and been enjoyed by students and staff alike. ”

Kim Lay, Head of Pupil Premium Learning, Cedars Upper School

“I have been a champion of this platform from the moment I saw it and have not been disappointed. YFT was an integral revision tool for all of our Year 11s and a huge support for some of our most vulnerable learners. ”

Tina Plucknett, Head of Year 11, Southchurch High School

“The range of resources in English is unlike any other platform. Creative, exciting and engaging for proactive revision and learning. ”

Nicola Hickton, Director of English and Associate Assistant Head, Putteridge High School

“The players particularly enjoy the format of the short animated videos that explain key concepts. The 'make notes' facility is a good idea that allows students to capture key ideas to recall later. They can quickly identify areas that need to be improved and the resource can be used to check if previous learning is secure. Quick and easy to use, YFT has become a brilliant resource, as well as a favourite, for our students to access to aid and support their learning. ”

Jon Slater, Academy Director of Education, Portsmouth Football Club

“Our players and their teachers have found the system invaluable in support academic progress, and we will certainly be promoting its use moving forwards. ”

Ian Smithson, Academy Director of Education, Manchester United FC