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Education for Everybody Magazine

Education for Everybody Magazine

Education for Everybody is a philosophy most people would uphold, and this is what we celebrate with our fantastic magazine.

Euromedia Associate’s quarterly magazine is dedicated to helping children and young people with special needs access the very best of educational opportunities by highlighting best practice, inspirational stories and showcasing the latest industry products.

We aim to help teachers give young people living with physical or mental impairments the very best start in life by sharing top tips and advice from those in the know.

The magazine itself is an attractive, glossy magazine that presents engaging news in a clear and interesting way, while showcasing the top products and services the sector has to offer.

Stories take on a range of topics from discussions on key priorities for the sector, opportunities to develop learning, through to the latest breakthroughs, events and products.

Delivered with sensitivity and understanding, all editorial gets to the heart of the story to enable readers to get the most from the experiences we share.

The magazine is divided into sections to make it easier for the reader to navigate, and these sections include news, design and build, safety, rebound therapy, fundraising, specialist schools and colleges, learning outside the classroom, teacher training and assistive technology, among many, many more.

Committed to delivering relevant, timely information to our readers, our journalists are always on the lookout for ways to help you develop your school to ensure special needs students get the very best education they can.

Our top-quality stories go hand-in-hand with our professional advertising, which handpicks the very best products and services the industry has to offer.

Education for Everybody boasts a wide and varied range of relevant products that can help your school keep up to date with the latest industry requirements and offer the best service possible to your students.

Our advertising is honest and relevant and aims to showcase top-quality products that can make a very real difference to your school.

We love to work with passionate suppliers to help them promote their fantastic products and services to schools.

Our skilled designers work closely with suppliers to capture the essence of their products to ensure adverts are created on-message and hits the right notes with the right people.

Education for Everybody is a passionate magazine that strives to celebrate all the successes of the special needs sector and bring together leading suppliers with education providers to give young people with special needs a first-class education. 

Incensu Top Tip:

Education for Everybody Magazine is one of Incensu's valued Publication Partners. Incensu recommends this reputable magazine as an excellent way for education suppliers to advertise their products and services to the education sector through a high quality print publication. We recommend suppliers add the Incensu Registration Mark and School Ratings Badge to their adverts and editorial in magazines to give schools confidence in your business.