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Boxlight Mimio

Member since: Sep 2019

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Services provided: Interactive classroom technology, Interactive classroom software, professional development,

Boxlight Mimio creates easy to use, engaging and effective educational technology for the classroom. ...

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Your Favourite Teacher

Member since: Aug 2018


Services provided: Interactive GCSE courses, Fully animated films of core subject matter, Fully Qualified and Experienced Teachers on Camera, 8 styles of interactive assessment, Revision podcasts, Downloadable revision guides, English, Maths and Science focus, Monitor student participation remotely, Interactive Personalised Learning Checklists, Live revision webinars during exam time

Online companion for disadvantaged students preparing for their GCSEs...

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Services 4 Schools

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Services provided: Governor Support, Governor Training and Development, Maintained School Finance Support, Academy Finance Support, GDPR Services

Services 4 Schools offer a range of high quality professional business support solutions, enabling...

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GoLearn Education

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