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28 July 2016

Schools are not all out for summer

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Chancellor announces all schools to become academies

16 March 2016


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Why schools are encouraged to rate and review their suppliers

29 February 2016

Schools have the platform to share their experiences of suppliers and are called upon to get involved in order to help each other

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Top 5 education marketing updates for 2016

01 January 2016

This year's valuable update for school suppliers ensuring you get ahead of the competition when selling to schools.

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How to create an effective education marketing strategy

13 January 2015

Discover how to improve your education marketing and sell to schools more effectively

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InControl magazine for education budget holders launches

01 July 2014

Incensu's new magazine for all education budget holders has launched this week. The termly online publication shares the latest in school procurement news, views, tips and supplier offers.

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Top 5 Tips for Working with Schools

01 July 2014

Schools are a very different beast when compared to private and public sector organisations.

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Second annual national school procurement survey launches

18 June 2014

The second national annual survey into the state of school procurement in England launches today (Monday 16 June).

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Peter Melville from Incensu

Schools can maximise budgets through the power of collaboration

01 December 2013

Peter Melville explains the power of collaboration in Just 4 SBMs Magazine. How goods and services are procured by schools is changing dramatically. The internet is now the most important source used by school leaders to find out about prospective suppliers – 62 per cent of respondents used the web to find out about companies that they could work with, while 57 per cent of school business managers preferred to go online to source trusted education suppliers.

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Half of school districts face places crunch

05 September 2013

Almost half of England's school districts will have more primary pupils than places within two years, the Local Government Association (LGA) has said. Some local areas will face a 20% shortfall in places by 2015, according to analysis of official data from 2012. Rising birth rates began the squeeze but uncertainty over funds has made it worse, the LGA says. The government says it has more than doubled funding for new school places.

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